The New Perfect was originally launched by Chelsey Donn in 2014 as “Fatty on a Diet.” After a lifelong struggle with her weight, Chelsey felt compelled to share her story as a way to both connect with others and inspire herself to emerge on a path of lifelong transformation. After heavy excavation, blood, sweat, and tears, Chelsey has successfully lost over 100lbs. Through a lot of examination, Chelsey came to realize that utilizing the word “fatty” in her blog title stemmed from a perpetual attempt to “get ahead of the joke.” By labeling herself as a “fatty” she was able to supersede the more difficult questions like “how could someone who eats healthy and exercises regularly STILL be fat?” This was the question that eventually led Chelsey to the doctors that would ultimately change her life and lead her on a new path. Whatever your current weight is, whether you are thin or extremely overweight, labeling one another as “fatties” reenforces a stigma about the value of the human body based on size, that we would like to work towards removing. Perhaps, by removing this language and perception of “fat: bad and thin: good” we can contribute to a global shift that accepts everyone based on their unique beauty. A beauty that surpasses the definition that is provided for us by a society built upon making us all feel inferior. The New Perfect represents a movement towards owning your life and claiming your individual perfection.