I apologize for being late with my goals posting for this week. Somehow time got away from me but better late then never, I suppose!

Results from last week: So last week I made a goal to drink more water (8 glasses/day) I am happy to say that I definitely drank more water this week and it absolutely helped flush a little more weight off after a sticky few days with the scale. I will be honest and say that I did not get 8 glasses every day, this turned out to be challenging because I wasn’t always as prepared as I should have been while on the go but I definitely achieved a minimum of 6 glasses a day, which is a MAJOR improvement for me. As the week went on I noticed that by drinking more water, my body began to crave it in a way that I had previously never experienced. I kind of felt like a plant who finally discovered what it was like to be watered. Was that metaphor too much?

Weekly take away: I will definitely continue to work on my water consumption every day and having a pitcher of naturally flavored water in the fridge is a major help and truly refreshing!

This Weeks Goal: Exercise.
This is a big one. Since joining Iagenix I have definitely been putting 100% of my focus on the eating portion of my health plan and my exercise plan has been virtually nonexistent. Going along with the idea of finding what I enjoy most and sticking with it, I have decided that I would like my ultimate exercise plan to consist of Tennis, Swimming, and Boxing. Since setting that intention I have encountered many friends who are interested in playing tennis (I have already played once this week), a couple friends who enjoy swimming, and I contacted a trainer and set up a session for next tuesday to begin some boxing training. This is a more long term goal that I hope to build up over time.

For this week specifically my goal is to integrate a “morning walk” 5 days this week. I am very lucky that I have an amazing, high incline “mini hike” steps from my front door. While my intention has long been to make this walk a part of my daily routine, I have not successfully put that plan into practice. While talking to my new trainer about this challenge, he suggested I put my sneakers and socks next to my bed so that they are the first thing I see when I wake-up in the morning. I am going to try this method and I will check in with you next week to let you know how it goes.

Tell me about your weekly goal in the comments section below!