Hey Everyone,

I apologize that my goals entry is late this week. Somehow time got the best of me and not only did I not achieve last week’s goal, I could not get myself to hunker down, set new intentions, accept the outcome and take accountability for the previous week. For this, I am sorry and I do hope that your goal results from last week were better then mine. (I only successfully meditated 3 times since the last goal posting.) I did not do the best job of “time management” and I often did not leave enough time to  meditate before tackling the day, doing work for clients, etc. My work flow is still inconsistent and my schedule has been a bit out of whack. Not having a built in schedule through a traditional job, while empowering and freeing on the one hand, makes it very difficult to create normalcy or a standard regimen. I often struggle to create and stick to a daily schedule. As a result,  meal times, exercise times, and productivity are often negatively impacted . With all of this in mind, my goal for this week is time management in relation to daily schedule. It is my intention to stick to a set schedule as consistently as possible. I want to write out my schedule the night before and plan times for meals and exercise in addition to work. I am hoping that creating consistency will help me with my weight loss by allowing me to visualize the amount of time I can and should spend everyday working towards my health and fitness goals. What is  your goal for this week? Please share your goals in the comments section below. Thank you for being here to keep me accountable. I appreciate that you are reading and joining me on this journey and thank you for helping and inspiring me everyday!