Confession time, I have fallen into a bit of a hole. I have gotten some more work from clients (YAY!!) but my diet and food prep have taken a bit of a backseat (NAY!!) It is so hard to get back on the train when you have found yourself lost far beyond the station. But alas, there comes a time when you must pull up the boot straps and say “no, more take out….no more self sabotage.” Isn’t being responsible fun?!? 

So, in a desperate attempt to get back on track, I took a page from my own book and over the weekend I made a serious meal plan. I laid out meals, snacks, and  basically everything that I am allowed to put in my mouth (…don’t get cheeky on me!) I then made a very thorough grocery list and went shopping for only the items on my list. This was difficult and I found myself continually wanting to defy my own self-inflicted rules but I stuck with the list and made it home without buying any junk or binge inducing food. This was a victory!
Then, today after I finished my work, I did some major food prep. Let me tell you, that was EXHAUSTING. The only benefit of prepping food for the entire week is that once I finished I wasn’t the least bit hungry and I must have earned some exercise points from all the chopping, right? I made 4 different kinds of “mason jar salads” (I will upload the recipes this week.) for all of my lunches. Why 4 different kinds of salads, you might ask? I don’t know about you but I get extremely bored with eating the same thing every day and so I am hoping the variety will help me stick to the plan. My options for the week include: Asian Chicken Salad, Cobb Salad, Mediterranean Salad, and Beet & Goat Cheese Salad (Yum!)  I even pre-made breakfast by making mini frittatas which can be frozen or refrigerated and reheated and yogurt and berries for the other 2 days this week. For dinners, I will either have an Isagenix shake or prep the evening of, but I have everything laid out and all ingredients have been purchased so that should help me stick to my plan and stay on track.
So, the lesson in all of this is…!t happens. Yep, I said it. I’m not perfect, I don’t always stick to the plan and I fall off the wagon sometimes but that is all a part of life. The gift is in the identification of the rut and in my ability to pull myself out before I fell too far or inflicted any major damage. I am honest with you all because that is my job and I will not pretend to be perfect and always on my best healthy behavior. It is just not realistic and it is just not the truth. That being said, I thank you all so much for being such a huge part of the motivation to get back on track. I am absolutely committed to this journey and while I want to rid myself of all of this excess weight, yesterday, the truth is: all I have is today. So, one decision at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time…that is all I have. And today was a very good day!
Love and strength to you all!