It’s that time of year again. HALLOWEEN (does anyone still use that Halloween spelling song to spell the word…..nah, just me?… that’s cool…)

Back to the topic of conversation – Just because you are throwing a party for your friends, co-workers, kids, or even just rockin the celebration solo…there is no reason to fall completely off the wagon. Indulgence is a part of life, and whatever decisions you make this Halloween do not have to dictate your future healthy eating habits. So whatever happens tomorrow, forgive yourself and move forward…even if you take a little shimmy to the left. 🙂

To help you with your planning and inspire some creative healthy halloween food hacks, our friends at detoxinista have compiled a list of recipe alternatives for our halloween favorites as well as a few new and inspired recipes that may spark your interest and creativity.

Take a look….be good to yourself and have a wondrous Halloween celebration!

Click here for the recipes!