Last month was definitely a challenge for me. Perhaps it was mercury in retrograde, perhaps it was a seriously rude wake-up call, whatever the cosmic explanation might be, let’s just say, it sucked!  I lost my money job and my sense of security, I had some unexpected health challenges and I was totally out of control with my eating and relationship to food. I was desperate for change but from the dark cavernous hole  that I had found myself in, the idea of change seemed completely impossible. I felt stuck and paralyzed and like there would never be an answer for me.

Three weeks ago, through what I can only imagine was divine intervention, I unknowingly embarked on a path towards change. I opened my food pantry for probably the 100th time that day and starring right back at me was the leftover Isagenix product from my first journey down the Isagenix path (a mission to lose weight for my sister’s wedding.) I am so grateful that my eyes froze on that large container of IsaLean protein powder, it was that initial glance that would soon lead me to the answer that I was desperately searching. The product had been sitting there for months and yet I never opened my eyes to see it staring me back in the face.

Somehow, through the darkness, I was able to lift myself up and reach out for help. I grabbed my laptop and constructed an email to the nutritionist who first introduced me to Isagenix  (with the subject line HELP) and explained to her my struggles and feelings of being lost and out of control. Asking for help has never been my strong suit and putting myself out there to be vulnerable has never been something I particularly enjoyed. But, I knew in that moment, that if I wanted to change I couldn’t do it alone. I am so grateful that she got back to me and I feel so fortunate to have such an inspiring and motivational woman in my corner. She was always there for me to reach out to but I just hadn’t realized the gift that was waiting for me.  Just a few weeks later I feel empowered, optimistic, and confident that I will overcome this life long struggle. The weight is coming off (15lbs so far.) but more importantly,  joining this plan has given me my life and my aspirations back. I see things for myself and my life that I have been unable to see for a long time.

I do not have all of the answers and there are many struggles I still face everyday but I am doing my best to embark on this new journey with my eyes wide open. Every day, I am amazed by the people that surround me and our ability to mutually benefit one another. If you are lost and feel like there is no answer for you, my advice is to keep your eyes open. While life might not always be easy, what you are looking for might just be right in front of your face, if you are willing to see it.