In an effort to get off the couch and into the gym, I scoured the internet searching for alternative and fun workouts to kick-start my re-commitment to exercise…and holy fitness gods, I have hit the mother-load! I have just returned from taking the most epicly amazing workout class I have ever had the privilege of taking and to say I am amped up would be an understatement. I am so ridiculously excited about this class that my mind is literally racing and I could hardly wait to get home to share my experience with you all.

Ok, so what if I told you, you could live out your childhood dream of being a rock star (we all had that dream, right?) while simultaneously enduring one of the most intense cardio workouts I have ever had the pleasure of sweating it out to, at the same time? You would say that would be impossible and I would have agreed with you until this evening when I found a class that just might have a chance at changing my entire mindset about working out from this moment forward. Ok, enough with the lead in. The class is called POUND and it is a full-out cardio jam session where you get to rock out ’til your heart is beyond content with weighted drumsticks, slamming the ground (which turns out to be an excellent way to get out all of that extra aggression), sweating it out to music set at concert level decibels, in a dark room which instantly takes your mind out of the “workout” space and into your wildest drumming fantasy. As the sweat was dripping down my face, all I kept thinking was “Holy Sh!t…this is f*!king awesome!” I don’t know about you, but I don’t think those words have EVER come to mind while taking any kind of workout class! Have you ever seen a drum kit and thought, I would love to pick up those sticks and make some serious noise, only to stop yourself out of a deep-seeded fear of enduring a colossal level of embarrassment? Well, I’m not claiming to be Dave Grohl, but as soon as my hands gripped around those drum sticks and started slamming into the ground in harmony with the blaring music, my inner rock star was awakened and I can hardly wait to pick up those sticks and sweat like no one is watching (because trust me, everyone was way too invested in their own moment to judge a single person in the room.)

I was lucky enough to get to take the class under the helm of the two founders of POUND, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenbroom, and as soon as the class was over I could hardly contain myself as I full on fan-girled my way to the front of the room to tell them both how much I enjoyed the class. As if this entire experience could have possibly gotten any better, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Kirsten and Christina after class and all I can say is: Wow, these girls are the real deal! Their entire outlook on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is so in sync with my intentions, dreams, and aspirations with Fatty on a Diet that I cannot believe my own good fortune to have had the absolute privilege to meet them. POUND was born out of a partnership developed by two avid music enthusiasts and drummers during a time of personal struggle, a struggle that I find eerily familiar at this moment in time. Through an acceptance of themselves and a clarity of what they most desired and loved in life, they spawned a phenomenon which emphasizes the ability to marry fun with fitness and joy with health. Their motto rings so true to the core of my beliefs and their success and dedication reinvigorates my intentions, fuels my passion and assures me that I am in the right place. As I embark on this lifelong journey towards happiness and health, I am comforted to discover two dynamite fitness warriors who aspire not just to live but to ROCK!

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If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near a POUND class, I highly suggest you check it out. It is truly unlike any workout experience I have ever had and I am so blown away by this class and its incredible founders. If you have a chance to experience it for yourselves, run don’t walk…trust me, you won’t regret it!