Ok, time to get back in the goals game. At the excellent suggestion of my mother (I guess sometimes mother does know best) I am going to be reinstating my goals section, however I am going to be shifting from a weekly goal to a monthly goal. I think this is a very helpful shift and will keep me from feeling like an amateur juggler with two many plates in the air. I think my intentions were valiant in wanting to have a weekly goal, and perhaps in time I will be able to reinstate that in a new way, but for now I think that a monthly goal will help me focus and have more time to implement change. I have heard that it takes 30 days to break a habit and I assume that same concept applies to instilling new and healthy habits, so I am excited for this change of pace and feel optimistic about my ability to instill long lasting results under this new model. I hope you will join me in creating your own monthly goals and share them with me in the comments section below.

Since we are nearing the end of the month, I will call this the August goal and give myself a 6 day head start!

My goal for August is to stay present. For this month I would like to live in the moment and be cognizant of what is occurring in the here & now. I hope to use this level of attention to let go of old resentments which no longer serve me and place a hinderance on my ability to move forward. Through this focus, I hope my over all awareness will increase and I can begin to lay the seeds of an “intended life.”

Thank you all for helping me to stay accountable and on track!