Hello Friends,

The past couple of weeks have been a positivity whirlwind and I am overwhelmed by the support and guidance the universe has been delivering me. I apologize in advance for being vague, while I want to shout from the rooftops and share every moment with you all, for now I am not able to fully disclose all details. What I can say is, through a series of happy coincidences, which I can only explain as “divine intervention,” I have been given a tremendous gift that is going to help me kickstart my fitness and health goals in a major way. Over the next couple of months, I am going to be testing myself and my dedication and I am more excited than ever to ignite my deepest desires to improve my overall health and well being.

Since starting this blog, just a few months ago, and declaring what I really want in life, I am blown away by the universal shifts I am continually seeing. Maybe it is hippie-dippie and perhaps you are not a believer but I have been overwhelmed by a sense of universal connection and a feeling that I am moving towards my true purpose in life. I am continually amazed by all of the inspiration I have been finding around every corner, it feels like my eyes have been opened in a new way and there are signs in every direction leading my path. It is incredible to finally take a deep breath and, slowly but surely, feel my mind letting go of previous visions of my future and perceived limitations in order to make room for the promise of a new and exciting life. A huge part of this new life plan, is my deep-seeded desire to help other people who find themselves in similar circumstances, overwhelmed by the weight that they are carrying and the fear of being able to overcome such a heavy burden. Obesity has been coined as an epidemic and those of us who live inside these oversized frames have been mislabeled as social lepers. From children being bullied in school to misconstrued notions of “the perfect body” spoon fed to all of us over and over via the media and our own unrealistic standards, the life of an overweight person is one of continual judgement. It is this very judgement that sabotages our chances of overcoming this long and relenting battle. But perhaps we can take back the control? Perhaps together we can find the antidote. Perhaps collectively we can discover a way to demand more of ourselves, not because of the judgments of others but because of our own desires for greatness. It is never too late to take your life back and over the course of a few short months, I have become living proof that if you will it and believe that you are worthy of greatness, it will be bestowed upon you.

If you are struggling to find your way, try this:
Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the life you would be most excited and happy to live. What would you be doing, where are you, what do you look like? Really take some time to see all of the details and feel the feelings that accompany your vision. Then, as you exhale, let go of your previous negative thoughts. Let go of the anger, frustrations, feelings of judgment and inferiority. As you breathe in, feel yourself breathing clean and rejuvenating air, see the visions for your life that you have only allowed yourself to dream of and start to believe that those thoughts and feelings of elation are the closest to truth that you will ever know. When you feel centered and like you are in a place of deep positivity, take one small action that, by your own definition, brings you closer to this new defined self. It can be making a list, organizing your thoughts, working towards completing a project that has taken a back seat, trying that new workout class that you have been meaning to check out for months…anything that you can do to establish upward momentum. Then every day, make it your intention to make one small step. If at any point you get overwhelmed or feel that you have lost your way, just take a moment to return to your breath and reclaim the vision you have established for yourself. Live in that space for as long as you need and then try again. Don’t get bogged down by the overall picture, just make it your intention to make one small step every day. Then, simply keep your eyes open for signs to lead you down the right path.

I hope the above activity helps you to feel centered and provides some extra motivation and guidance. Thank you for being such an important part of my journey. I am honored that you take the time to connect with me on Fatty on a Diet and I look forward to all of our collective success!

Big Hugs!