Hey Friends,

I took my second POUND class today and it rocked my socks off! I cannot believe that I actually found a workout that I love this much even though I am covered in sweat and can already feel the soreness coming on! If possible, today was even better then last week and on top of the incredible workout and rock star teachers/founders (seriously, they are the best people ever and I want them to be my new BFFs in a moderately embarrassing way!)  the people in the class are actually amazingly supportive and welcoming. I had a chance to talk to a few girls in the class before and after (there were lots of guys in the class too, they were just less chatty!) and everyone was unbelievably kind and open. They shared their stories with me about their own struggles and victories with their weight and health. I am so blessed to have found this class and I cannot wait to go back.

POUND for life! So stoked! For real, this class is everything!

P.S Regarding the above photo: When I got home from class, I threw my sticks on the bed and ran to the bathroom. When I returned, Bella (my adorable maltese dog child) was posing with the sicks. It was too cute/funny not to capture the moment!