Hello Fatty Family,

I am very sorry that I have neglected you over the past few weeks. There have been several exciting creative developments as well as fitness progress that has occupied  my time but I never stopped thinking about you all and am continually grateful for all of your ongoing encouragement and motivation.

I know I do not usually update you all on my acting/creative achievements but I am ecstatic with all the progress that has been made, and since you are all an extremely important and supportive part of my life, I wanted to share and let you know what I have been up to. Here it goes:


I am excited to announce that over the past week I shot the first 6 episodes of my web series, Wheelz. Wheelz marks my first  foray into writing, producing, as well as starring in a series and it was unbelievably rewarding to have it come to fruition. The shoot days were long and the production coordination mildly stressful but it was all worth it to finally put into action a project I have worked on for the past year! I cannot wait to share it with all of you, we will be releasing the episodes this fall. Stay tuned!

I got to perform for the first time at The Groundlings with my advanced class. It was so nice to finally be able to put all of my hard work at The Groundlings to the test and the show was a blast! I have been really bonding with my class, we all get along extremely well and we are even thinking about forming a student team to hopefully have the opportunity to perform together again! I am also ecstatic that I was invited to continue to study at The Groundlings and I cannot wait to get back in class and back to performing. Improv performance is such an adrenalin rush and I absolutely love it! If you live in the LA area, do yourself a favor and check out a show at The Groundlings, it is a lot of fun and very entertaining!

I also had the opportunity to film a crazy and fun episode of Film Pigs with my very good friend Kether and a couple of other incredibly talented and kick a$$ warriors. (see photo.) I played a female version of Jean Claude Van Dame…you can let your imagination run wild with that one. I will post a link to the episode once it airs.


I have officially been a part of the most amazing fitness program for a month and I am feeling better then ever. I have dropped some poundage, gained some muscle and definition, gotten really clean with my eating and in general I am feeling great. I have stuck to the program for the entire month and despite a back injury, which required some modification, I am going strong! I am so grateful for this gift of a program and all the beautiful, loving, and inspiring people who are on this journey with me! It is an absolute dream come true to have found a workout that I truly LOVE and to get to sweat it out 6 days a week in a supportive and safe environment. It is the gift that keeps on giving!



DRUMROLL PLEASE……I am leaving for ITALY on Friday to celebrate my mothers birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited, I have wanted to visit Italy for as long as I can remember! I am going to be taking with me the dedication towards my fitness goals, and while I cannot possibly say that I will not try the delicious food, I am going to keep it under control, continue to exercise, and harness the willpower necessary to not “fall off track” because I am on vacation. So many of us have fallen into bad eating habits initiated by vacations and it is going to be my greatest intention to not allow this to happen. I want to prove that I can enjoy the gift of travel and all it has to offer without sacrificing my commitment to healthy living!

Alright, my friends. I know that was a mouthful but I wanted you all to know where I have been and let you know that I am still on track and reaping the benefits of an intended life. Fill me in on all the exciting advances in your life in the comments section below! I absolutely love all of your emails, Facebook posts, messages, and comments…so keep ‘em coming!

Sending you lots of love and gratitude!