Hey Fam,

It has been way too long since I have written and I have missed you all immensely! A lot has happened over the past few weeks, and I apologize for not checking in with you all! I have been to Italy, which was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, took a pit stop in NYC and I have now returned to LA where I cannot wait to recommit to this blog and my lovely community of followers! 🙂

I realized, I have not been sharing a lot about the 60 day fitness program that I have been on for the past 6 weeks. I have learned so much and I feel more fit and healthy than I have in a very long time. It is invigorating to feel like I am gaining back control of my life and I know that I could not have achieved this success without the help of this program. I have reflected a lot on what it takes to retrain the mind to overcome embedded unhealthy habits. This is something that I need to grasp for myself and hope to be able to impart on you as well. What has struck me the most about this entire experience is the ease at which this whole opportunity arrived once I declared what I wanted and needed for my fitness and health goals. I am going to outline, the simple truths that I believe will lead to long-lasting healthy results without the ordinary torture that is often associated with “lifestyle changes.”

1. Find a FUN & ENJOYABLE workout!!! The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a workout and eating plan is enjoyment. We don’t often meld joy with fitness and “diet” and it is my belief that this lack of joy is what sabotages our success. I have never enjoyed working out as much as I have with this incredible program. I have finally found a workout that I not only like, but LOVE! For me it is the perfect cocktail of an ideal workout plan: it mixes fun, with the ability to work out excessive aggression and it is also challenging in a way that allows for continued growth. For me, I have never been able to find a workout that met so many of my needs and desires. I would say, step 1, when committing to a healthy lifestyle and incorporating fitness into your regime, would be to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Don’t be afraid to try new classes, seek out fun and alternative ways to get your exercise kick without the monotony and dread that can often go with exercising. There are so many interesting and fun workouts out there, do some research and find the class that is the perfect fit for you. This will help keep you committed and going back for more!

2. Enjoy Food. So often when we begin a new “diet” we feel immediate restriction. This restriction lends itself to a temporary state. How long can you truly sustain an eating plan that constantly leaves you feeling deprived? Deprivation is the killer of all unrealistic eating plans and it is likely to eventually spiral out of control. I know this cycle all too well and I am hoping I have finally found the solution. Over the course of this 60 day program, my food has been provided for me. I have been on a fairly restrictive eating plan however I do not feel deprived. While I miss my love of cooking tremendously and I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen to concoct new recipes for you all, this plan has worked for me because we are eating 7 small meals spread out throughout the day. This type of structure is actually really helpful. Part of my issues in the past have involved going very long periods of time without eating, this led to a complete lack of control by the time I actually put food in my body. I feel it is crucial to not allow several hours to pass without eating. I also believe that mindful eating is key. It is so easy to over eat when we are not focusing on what we are putting into our body. Something that I have done in the past that I plan toimplement after this program is the following: when you go to a restaurant, wrap up or put aside half of your meal. Then treat the remaining half, as if it was the entire meal. This really helps and you will notice that you are full when you finish the first half, you only ate the entire portion because it was there. I find that I enjoy my food much more when I eat half of the meal, slowly and intentionally. Also, a huge focus for fattyonadiet and my philosophy is recreating traditionally unhealthy foods in a new and improved health conscious way without sacrificing taste. if you are enjoying what you are eating, and incorporate the spices, flavor, and style of food that you like, you will be much less likely to fall off.

3. Be Kind. Lastly, we all cannot be perfect all the time. Often, I find that punishing myself for a single slip-up or series of slip-ups can lead down a rocky path of self sabotage and ultimately a complete lack of control. Every meal, every time you put something into your body, you have the opportunity to make a good choice and do something beneficial for your body and your health goals. It doesn’t need to be tomorrow or Monday, you can change your course at any moment. Forgive yourself and move on and you are much more likely to get yourself back on track!

Alright, that was a mouthful but I hope my reflection is helpful and you find it useful for your journey! As always, thank you for being such a big part of my story and for helping me to stay on track!

Please share your success stories with me in the comments section below or on Facebook. I absolutely love hearing from you and it means so much to me to help you on your path!

Sending loads of love your way!