I went to Slimmons this week to get in an extra workout. Slimmons, for those of you who don’t know, is Richard Simmons workout class in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, Richard was not teaching the class (the photo is a throwback to my first time going to Slimmons a couple of years ago) but the experience was still a major time warp and I couldn’t help but be brought back to all of my childhood memories of doing “Sweatin to the Oldies” in my living room with childhood friends. It’s amazing how much I loved Richard Simmons as a child, perhaps that is borderline disturbing but the man spoke to me, ok!

Special shout out to Lauren & Greg!

Being in that class, I was definitely reminded that I am more of a “new-school” workout kind of girl. I would much rather be rocking it out in POUND than doing a grapevine and a shimmy (not that I’m anti…I do love a good 80s throwback!) Shout out to the Cher finale number, that really got my heart pumping, I can’t get enough of a good Cher moment!

I was proud of myself for going the extra mile and incorporating a second workout, 2 intense workouts in one day is a definite victory!

What did you do that made you proud this week?

Keep on trucking…we’re all in this together!